Cape York Reef Community Action Plan Pre-workshop survey
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About the survey
Cape York NRM and South Cape York Catchments are leading an initiative to develop a Community Action Plan (CAP) for Cape York. Similar Community Action Plans are being developed along the Queensland coast.

The Plans are an opportunity for communities to come together and create a shared vision for on-ground actions that benefit our coastal, estuarine and marine areas. The Plans can then be used as basis for securing future funding for community driven activities.

The purpose of this survey is to find out:
1. If you are available to attend a Community Action Planning workshop in late October
2. What you care most about when it comes to our local coastal, estuarine and marine environment (we call these VALUES)
3. What you think are the main things that negatively impact on these values (we call these PRESSURES)
4. What ACTIONS you think the community can take to reduce these pressures

We will use the responses to this survey to develop some priority strategies for local action, which we will then work on together at the workshops. Suggested actions will be developed into projects which have the potential for future funding.  

This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. You can choose to answer anonymously, and your responses will remain confidential.

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