Norton Factory Studios: Guest Artist Application
Thank you for your interest in showing at Norton Factory Studios [NFS] for the East Bay Open Studios [EBOS]

This year due popular demand to exhibit at NFS we are curating artists and have also launched a partnership with our next door neighbor, Ale Industries.

All Guest Artists must sign up for listing in EBOS and personally pay the EBOS registration fee. This cost is separate from the fee for showing and being promoted through NFS.

Norton Factory Studios: $200
NFS is an active artist's studio space with 25 Resident Artists.
We have room for seven [7] guest artists showing 2D / wall hanging work. They will be installed along the side hallway leading to studios 16-19.
We also have space for up to five [5] guest artists showing larger 3D sculptural work, or who would like to make use of table tops to show.

Ale Industries: $100
A taproom and brewery next door, Ale Industries shows artists year long in their brew hall.
They have space for four [4] artists showing paintings / 2D work. These will be hung on existing 4x8 panels placed at 5ft above floor level.
They also welcome ten [10] artists who have their own booths or table-top displays to show jewelry, glassware, ceramics, or other 3D work.

Please be sure to answer every question! Incomplete applications cannot be considered for EBOS.

Again, thank you for wanting to join our 25 Resident NFS Artists for EBOS!

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