Help Formal Ferret Games at a convention in 2018!
Thanks for your interest in becoming a "Demo Weasel" for Formal Ferret Games in 2018! I need plenty of help this year. Here's the scoop.

* You can offer any amount of time you want, but I can only offer perks if you help for at least 4 hours a day.
* You need to know my games. In 2018, I'll be showing The Networks, its expansion The Networks: Executives, Bad Medicine, Wordsy, and a to-be-titled game that will hit Kickstarter in Q3. I will be able to train you, but the more of my games you learn it advance, the better.
* Please do not commit to helping me unless you are ABSOLUTELY, 100% SURE you can make it. If your plans change, you must let me know ASAP.
* Unfortunately, I can't help pay for transportation to or from the convention.
* I work closely with the Double Exposure Envoy program, so it helps to be an Envoy Herald! (It's not a requirement, though.) If you don't know what that means, here's some info to get you started:

* If you help at least 4 hours a day, you get a free exhibitor's badge to the convention, an official Formal Ferret "Demo Weasel" button-down shirt, and one copy of any Formal Ferret game available at the convention you help at.
* If you help at least 6 hours a day, you *also* get space in a hotel room for free!

Sound good? Let's begin!
What's your name? *
What's your email address? *
Have you helped Formal Ferret in the past? *
Are you a Herald? *
What conventions are you able to help at? *
6+ hours a day (free badge & hotel room)
4-6 hours a day (free badge)
1-4 hours a day (just helping out)
I can't make it
GAMA Trade Show (Reno, NV - March 14-15)
UK Games Expo (Birmingham, United Kingdom - June 1-3)
Origins (Columbus, OH - June 13-17)
Dice Tower Con (Orlando, FL - July 4-8)
Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN - August 2-5)
SPIEL '17 (Essen, Germany - October 24-28)
BGG.CON (Dallas, TX - November 14-18)
PAX Unplugged (Philadelphia, PA - November 30 - December 2 - Dates unofficial!)
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