Physics in the Cloud Feedback
THANK YOU for participating in our event - the first time we have tried this. We'd love your feedback so we can make it better

We are looking to take our projects to the next level, and would love to talk to you (yes, You) about how to make Dramatis Scientificae really hit the mark. If you would be up for a ten-minute chat on the phone with us, we'd love to hear your thoughts: leave your number in the field below.

Also, National Science Week is surveying all participants, for a research project at University of Sydney, and want everyone to take part. They are offering prizes worth up to $400 for participants - click through to that survey below.

for the technical issues during the event - a lot went on behind the scenes, we hope you were able to enjoy it nonetheless. Unfortunately the recordings were lost, which is a pity as we were hoping to share them.
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