BMUN'17 - Individual Delegate Registration Form
Welcome to South India's first MUN.
BMUN is a student - initiated and student - oriented event and it is our endeavour to introduce new committees to make the proceedings more eventful and relevant to today's global scenario. BMUN promises to surpass expectations with unparalleled debate and excitement.
The organising committee will allocate countries only on receipt of School Delegation fees.
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This form is for delegates registering individually and not representing any institution or school. Filling this form will not make you part of your school delegation if the school has registered using the School Registration form. You will be eligible for all awards except for the Best Delegation award and there will be no bias. Please be as sincere as possible while filling up this form. You will receive a confirmation by mail after you have successfully submitted the form and you will be allotted within one week.

Name of Delegate
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Current Level of Education
Please note: This is a School and college level MUN limited to students in or under 12th grade. The MUN is not open to undergraduate students.
Email Address of Delegate
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Address of Participant's Residence
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Phone Number of Delegate
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Country Preferences
Please enter at least 5 countries which are most preferred by you. We will try our best to allot one of these countries to you and if not, we will allot a country of similar background, policies, geography or stance on the agenda.Your answer
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Reasons for preference
Why did you choose these countries? (eg. Expertise and experience, Interest...)
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Choice of Committee
Please mark the appropriate boxes on the grid according to your preference
1 (most preferred)
7 (least preferred)
UN Security Council
UN Human Rights Council
International Press Corps
UNGA1: Disarmament and International Security Committee
UNGA2: Economic and Financial Affairs Committee
UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Rajya Sabha
Previous MUN/Debate experience
Please outline your previous experience of MUN or Debate using the given format: (name of conference and year, committee, placement if applicable.
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Will you be requiring accommodation?
Payment Method
For Individual delegates, the registration fees has been set as INR 1000. This will include the food/meals provided during the conference and the delegate kit. Please ensure that this amount is paid at the earliest because the country allotment will not be done unless the transaction is complete. Please refer to the registration tab of the website for more details.
Payment details
Please outline the details of the (AMOUNT PAID) ; (Demand Draft no. -or- Online Transaction No.) ; (Bank Name and IFSC code) ; (date of transaction in DD/MM/YYYY) in the same order as outlined here. If you have not made the required payment yet, a simple "No" will do. Just remember, the organising committee will NOT give your country allotment without the receipt of the payment, the details of which must be mailed to reg.allocationbmun@gmail.comYour answer
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How sure are you about attending the conference?
not sure...
100% sure!!
For questions or any other information, please contact:
Ms. Mohana Ravi: +91 97414 53004
Ayush Kiran: +91 7975660319
Shourya Tomar: +91 9880350777
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