Bomb Threat Caller Questionnaire
Do Not hang up on the caller! Contact us during or immediately after the threat call is complete at 248-370-3331.

The average number of words in a bomb threat call is 8-17. We need as much information as possible and as much time as possible to trace the call. As you ask the questions listed on the report form, attempt to collect all of the impressions and information about the caller that you can. These include such items as male – female, old – adult – teenager, foreign or localized accent, illiterate – intelligent, peculiar personnel speech defect (lisp, stutter, etc.) tone (high, fast, bass, etc.) and temper (angry, vindictive, joking, etc.)

Also listen or note any noticeable or predominant background noise such as heavy traffic, low flying aircraft, trains, construction activity, loudspeakers, cheering crowds, etc.

To the extent possible, write the exact words spoken by the caller in response to these questions immediately while recall is fresh. Note also which line the call is on and, if possible, whether the call was local or long-distance.

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