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How many children/ minors (minor status: under 19 in Alabama; under 18 in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida) do you currently have in your group? Please list them in groups according to age. Ex: ages 0-4 (3) ages 5-8 (5) ages 9-11 (3) ages 12 & older (6)
How much time do you devote to your office on a regular bases?
Does your group have a provision in their budget for supplies for your office?
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If yes how much?
How many events have you worked in the past quarter?
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Did you MOC for any Kingdom level events this quarter?
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Does your group have a newsletter?
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If yes does your local group publish a children section in the newsletter?
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Have you submitted anything to Penfeathers this quarter?
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If no. How can we help encourage you to become more involved in Penfeathers?
Have you held any Page School classes this quarter?
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If no. How can we help encourage more Page School classes?
What problems have you had (if any) in the following areas: Planning activities for events, communication with parents, communication with Kingdom/ Principality, reporting requirements, child participation in activities at events, maintaining discipline during activities?
What are your three main goals for improving your office in the next quarter?
What areas of the Kingdom Minister of Children's office do you think needs improvement (e/g communication, reporting, planning, etc.)?
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