File Trays for Dolphin to make file selection easier, GSoC 2016 Project Idea Survey #2!
Selecting multiple files in any file manager for copying and pasting has never been a pleasant experience, especially if the files are in a non-continuous order. Often, when copying files between devices we might find that we need to select only a subset of the required files we have selected and this leads to the unwieldy operation of removing files from our selection. Of course, the common workaround is to create a new folder and to put all the items in but this is a very inefficient process and can be very slow if large files need to be copied between devices.

My solution to this problem is to add a panel/view in Dolphin where the links to files and folders can be temporarily saved for a session. The files and folders are "staged" on this panel. Hence, the user can add folders and files from several different directories to this panel and can then collectively perform actions on all the items in the tray such as copy, paste, cut, archive, rename, create list of symbolic links, etc. This makes complex file operations easy by staging the operation before performing it. This panel works very similarly to the Split view already existing in Dolphin to make additions such as drag and drop very easy.

A full description of this project with exhaustive discussion of use cases, implementation details, and user interaction model can be found here:
Do you use Baloo on your KDE installation?
Should the File Tray view have a different background color than the Dolphin folder view to make it more distinguishable?
Should the File Tray automatically add files which are copied to the Clipboard?
Would a save session feature for saving the list of files of the File Tray benefit your workflow?
This could be used for copying the same selection of files to multiple devices without having to select the same files multiple times
Should the File Tray be an (un)dockable window in the Dolphin File manager?
Which sharing features would you like to see in Dolphin?
Suggestions or comments?
This can even be a suggestion for a better name for this feature!
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