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In 2011, through a partnership with the Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC), the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans (CAPM) launched the inaugural Orange Crane Artist Retreat held at Pehrson Lodge Resort in Cook, Minnesota. The retreat was a convening of 27 participants with workshops and mentorship provided by established, award-winning, and internationally renowned artists Robert F. Karimi, May Lee-Yang, Tou Saiko Lee, and Mayda Miller. Mentors were selected for their professional and artistic merit. Being a new endeavor, Orange Crane aimed to showcase the diversity of Asian Pacific Minnesotan artists and to increase access to opportunities and output of APIA arts and culture, with a focus on building a network/coalition of API Minnesota artists. Orange Crane is open to Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Minnesota artists who seek to cultivate tools and ideas to enhance and transform their skills and creativity. The retreat is designed for visual artists, filmmakers, photographers, and writers who want to develop professional-level skills and perspectives on their craft. The retreat will offer specialized interactive workshops and presentations by CAPM's Legacy Artist Fellows with mentorship and support with literary and theater artists May Lee-Yang and Saymoukda Vongsay. The 2013 retreat will be held on June 28 (5pm) – June 30 (3pm) at the Mount Olivet Conference Center in Farmington, Minnesota. Retreat tuition, lodging, meals, and transportation will be provided by the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans through the Legacy Fund.

The Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans (CAPM) is a state agency that advises the Minnesota legislature and Governor’s office on behalf of the Asian Pacific community, advocates on issues of importance to the APA community, and acts as a broker between the APA community and mainstream society.

The Minnesota Humanities Center works in partnerships across the state to build thoughtful, literate, engaged citizens. The Humanities Center engages all Minnesota communities in imagination, creativity, and innovation to-wards a vital and prosperous future; partners with schools and community members to increase academic achievement for all; builds the capacity of partner organizations to conduct high-quality and meaningful programs for the public; and creates and provides vibrant and engaging public programs that support community decision making.

This retreat is funded with money from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund by the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

A panel of advisors comprised of artists from the Legacy Artist Fellowship, staff from the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans and the Minnesota Humanities Center, as well as established local artists who specializes in visual arts, literary arts, and film will review each application. The panel will choose which applicants to recommend for Orange Crane.
a)  Artistic Vision: Does this person offer a unique view as an artist?
b) Artistic Growth: Does this person demonstrate an interest in nurturing their artistic career? Can they articulate some of their needs?      
c) Community: Does this person exhibit a willingness and interest in cultivating an artistic community? 



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All four questions are required. The narrative portion of the application will be the foundation for the panel's review of your application. Please note the word limit for each criterion is 500 words maximum. Be as succinct and detailed as possible, keeping in mind your artistic vision, goals, your connection to the community, and the skills/outcomes you expect to gain as a participant in this year's Orange Crane.
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