IES 2019 PREP Evaluation Form
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Which of the pre-exercise trainings did you attend?
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Which training/exercise day(s) did you attend?
How did you feel regarding the overall control and exercise process (along with the logistics) worked over the 2 day period?
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I felt very informed
How many preparedness exercises have you attended (including outside of IES)?
Was the pre-training that you attended helpful?
What additional training would you recommend for next year?
What are your recommendations for training in the future?
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Do you feel there was enough emphasis on overall Exercise safety?
Did you, in your role during the course of the Exercise, ever look at the Vessel or Facility Response Plan or Hawaii Area Contingency Plan? *
Did you find this Exercise, including the training, helpful if you were/are identified to be on the Response Team for IES?
Have you been pre-identified as being on the Response Team for IES?
Do you have any kind of Go-Paks for setting up the ICP?
What statement best describes how a Go-Pak would be used?
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Did the Exercise and associated training help to build competence in your position and the overall ICS leadership?
No, it did not help
Yes, it did help
If you answered at 3 or higher to the question above, do you feel that you would benefit from additional Exercises and training?
How did you feel the IT component of the Exercise functioned?
Do you think the Exercise did a good job working with the media and maintaining accurate and consistent information flowing outside the exercise?
Should we hold the press conference as part of the Exercise?
Do you feel that there needs to be more practice with press-related issues?
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