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Darby Acres Farm is a small, privately owned family zoo in Charlotte, NC. It takes a tremendous amount of produce and goods to feed all our animal family! We greatly appreciate donations of all kinds, including food donations to fill the bowls of our animals and enrichment items used to stimulate the animals in their habitats. We collect food and non-food products that are about to be thrown away by restaurants, markets, & stores. Food items include but are not limited to fruits, vegetables, bread and baked goods, sweets, desserts, nuts, dairy products, pizzas, pastas, and non-food products including paper towels, toilet paper, liquid laundry detergent, bleach, etc. If you are a restaurant, store or market, are you able to make a donation to us with any items that may go to waste? Do you know of any stores, restaurants or markets that would also like to donate? Please let us know here any supply donation you can possibly give now or in the near future or a referral of who we can contact to pick up a donation! https://www.darbysafari.com/howtohelp
We are beyond grateful for our amazing community of supporters!
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