GCC Membership Application
At Gateway the only thing more important than serving and helping others become God's friend, is to be His friend personally. This form gives Gateway your basic contact information, and you agreement with our standard of membership.
This provides basic contact information for church leadership to contact you.
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Membership Eligibility and Standards
Membership eligibility in this assembly shall be available to all who give evidence of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; who, accepting the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the all sufficient rule of faith and conduct, commit themselves to voluntary cooperation and faithfulness with the local body in harmony with the it's confession and faith, constitution, and bylaws. Membership applications should be completed, signed, and submitted to the Board of Deacons for approval after a six month period of regular attendance.
The standard of membership shall be evidence of the new birth, spiritual growth, and water baptism by immersion (unless such baptism is clearly impossible), willingness to commit themselves to the leadership of the assembly, the body of Christ, an active place in ministry in the local church, and willingness to contribute to the support of the assembly with tithes and offerings.
Minding My Own Business!!
We believe each individual has a calling, a "business" God entrusts to them, and we believe that business has two parts. The first part is being God's friend, and one of the most powerful ways to consistently do that is to surround yourself with healthy Christ following people. We refer to this idea as the "pool" part of our church.
The second part of your business is to bring the life of Jesus Christ to others, helping others be God's friend. We cannot help someone we do not know or someone we do not spend time with; we believe God has some people in your life He wants you to help know Him. We call this part the "river" part of our church.
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Confirmation of Acceptance of Application
The church by-laws mandate the deacon board reviews your application before acceptance. The board meets every other month throughout the year. You will receive an email promptly after the next board meeting informing you of the board's decision in regards to your application.
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