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One of the things we want to add to the website is a directory of all of our businesses in the DDA district (there's well over 500, so this is a monumental task and we appreciate your patience!)  We can't do that without your help!  Please fill out this quick form about your business.  If you could also send a few photos of your business to upload into the directory, that would be great as well!  Thank you so much!
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LAST QUESTION - Would you like to be added to the DDA email list?  (This is not directly related to my Directory form but I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone).  We try not to blow up your inbox (that is a pet peeve of mine) and strive to disseminate really important info.  We are trying to trying to make sure all of the downtown business owners have access to the same information! *
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Haylee Chenchar
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