TimeOff.Management survey
Please give us feedback about your impression from TimeOff.Management application
Do you like that application is open sourced
Do not care
It is important for me
How satisfied are you with current set features?
Custom bank holidays, leave types (with and without allowance), company departments, current leave approval/revoke workflow, integration with 3d party calendars
My needs are not fulfilled
This is exactly what I need
How useful is data migration between application installations?
Allows to bring company data from one instance of TimeOff.Management into another. For example start company at cloud hosting and then migrate it to the self hosted application.
Not interested
Very desirable
How useful is ability of TimeOff.Management to work on mobile phones?
Do you often need to access employee data from mobile phone?
Do not need it
Very useful
How useful for you is ability to broadcast absence information into third party calendars?
That allows to consolidate employees absences into main company calendars based on Google Calendar, MS Outlook etc
Do not need it
Very useful
How useful is to be able to record all changes to account in TimeOff.Management
Would it be useful to keep record of all changes to company setup, employee data, absence data etc
Do not need it
Very useful
How useful is employee data import from other absence management solutions?
That would allow to transfer existing accounts into TimeOff.Management
Do not need it
Very useful
How useful are email notifications?
Do you find email notifications are useful feature.?
Do not need it
Very useful
Does TimeOff.Management need more documentation?
No documentation is needed
Please add more
Do we need to improve user interface/ design
Are you happy with current appearance of application or would like to have more improved look and feel?
Happy with current UI
Would like to have better UI
Would you be interested in using cloud based version of TimeOff.Management?
Cloud version price of 0.5 USD per head per month
Where did you hear about TimeOff.Management project?
Your answer
What other features would you like to see in TimeOff.Management?
Please tell us about your ideas for application.
Your answer
What would make you to become user of TimeOff.Management?
If you hesitate whether or not to start using our application, what is reason that holds you back?
Your answer
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