Simply Green Mums Merry Market-Instagram
We are so excited to be hosting a virtual ECO Market in time for the holidays and supporting great environmentally conscience local vendors. This event will be run on Instagram, from our Simply Green Mums account. We will be running this event on the weekend of November 13-15.You will be given a designated time of day to post on our stories and page/feed. This online Market is run solely by Simply Green Mums, and is no affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or Google, or any other digital platform.
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How is your business/product/service environmentally conscience? *
*Food & Drink sales only. If you are selling any food/drink items, you have contacted and have proof of inspection by the Ministry of Health *
I understand that $10 dollars, per vendor, is required for this event for advertising. My Non-refundable payment is required immediately, or I will surrender my spot. *
I agree to share all professional promo posters on social media, and include a description of my products/company *
I agree to only post (1 post on the SGM feed) on my designated time and start with a live video to introduce myself and products/services. The rest of the "sales" will be conducted on "stories" during your allotted time. *
Cancellation Policy: There will be absolutely no credits/refunds after payment is complete. *
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