Farmingdale Parent Portal Request Form
The Farmingdale Parent Portal gives parents access to important information about their children's education. The Parent Portal allows parents of our middle and high school students to check grades, interim reports, report cards, class schedules and attendance records throughout the year.

Please fill in the following form if you are interested in signing up for access to the Parent Portal. After the form is submitted, your information will be validated and a letter with unique access codes will be emailed to the address provided on this form.
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By completing this form, you are requesting access to the Parent Portal. You hereby agree that you are the legal parent/guardian of an enrolled child/children in the Farmingdale School District. Attempts by anyone other than the legal parent/guardian to access the Parent Portal may result in the district informing local authorities. By selecting yes, I hereby agree that I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions.
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