Application to adopt a rescue from Pug Patrol Rescue Australia
Complete this application form if you would like to adopt a rescue from Pug Patrol Rescue Australia.

Adoption fees for Pug Patrol rescues generally start from $950 and range up to $2,000 depending on the age of the pug, it’s health, vet work undertaken and whether the rescue is a full pug or a pug cross. All our rescues (at a minimum), have had yearly vaccinations, including yearly heart worm prevention, have been desexed, blood tested and eye tested. We also undertake brachycephalic surgery for those rescues that require it.

Pug Patrol Rescue Australia will review applications and attempt to best match you to a pug. We will only contact you if we feel there is pug that is best suited to you or you have been shortlisted.

By submitting your application, you are confirming your answers are true and correct. All information is kept strictly confidential and will only be accessed by authorised representatives of Pug Patrol Rescue Australia.
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