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Describe your conversion experience or explain how and when God became real and personal to you.
Briefly describe other spiritual experiences and/or significant events in your Christian life.
What experience do you have in sharing your faith?
Which religious books, apart from the Bible, and Christian periodicals have influenced you most and why?
What church work experience have you had? Have you any leadership experience?
Briefly describe any experiences you have had in other cultures.
How would you describe your Christian life and your relationship with the Lord at the present time?
Do you feel God has called you into some kind of full-time Christian service?
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How might you see using your skills/training in a missions context? Why are you thinking about
What is your reason for applying for this particular DTS/SOSM?
What are your hopes and expectations for yourself during this DTS/SOSM?
How do you think you would cope with challenging situations like: different food and culture, dormitory housing or small quarters for families?
Secondary School (Education between 11 and 18 years)
Name of Establishment Dates Attended Exam Success/Qualifications Received
University/College/Higher or Further Education (post 18 years)
Name of Establishment Dates Attended Exam Success/Qualifications Received
List any other training or qualifications you have received
What is your Employment History and Occupation?
Position, Length of employment, Briefly describe what your work entails ,  Briefly describe other past work experiences.
Which language do you use most on a daily basis?
Please indicate your gifts, including any drama, musical or artistic talents you have and your hobbies:
Gifts, Hobbies , Feel free to also describe some  achievements you feel are highlights  over your lifetime so far
In the event that I am unable to sign a consent form due to incapacity, I hereby give my consent for any treatment/medical intervention deemed necessary by the attending health care professionals. Whilst YWAM will make every effort to contact my next of kin/emergency contacts, there may be situations where this is not possible. I, therefore, give permission for YWAM to act in my best interests. I recognize that in an emergency situation it is standard operating procedure to always act in the interest of preserving life.
I have completed all portions of this application truthfully and to the best of my knowledge, and if accepted by Youth With A Mission Sligo, I will, under God, abide by the spirit, authority and schedule of the program. - I understand that the Discipleship Training School consists of both the lecture phase and the field placement phase, and that by completing this application, I am making a commitment to both phases of the school. I confirm that I have read the Financial Policy Sheet and understand that payment of my school fees must be made upon or before my arrival at the school (unless prior arrangements have been made). - I therefore undertake to pay all personal expenses during my involvement with Youth With A Mission.
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