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Note: This is strictly 18+ server and if you apply with a fake age number, it'll be at your own risk. Also, we strictly believe in character progression and interaction. If you are here to just rob banks or buy some fancy cars, please play GTA online and don't waste our time.
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Important Rules
In RP you should:

- Never take things personally. Be mature enough to have a laugh out of it.
- Always prefer interactions with other players to find out the information.
- Always fear for your life when the situation isn't in your control
- Never talk out of character (You can type /OOC if urgent )
- Never kill or injure anyone without any reason (RDM/VDM)
- Never use information outside the roleplay (MetaGaming)
- Never stream snipe other content-creators
- Never mix information among your other characters
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If you break any of the rule, it'll be considered as FAIL RP and can lead to a temporary or permanent ban from the server
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