APPLICATION - Mommy Connections Director
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Director/Licensee with Mommy Connections.

In addition to running classes, Mommy Connections Licensees are required to network in their communities, create amazing experiences for moms, and build/nurture relationships with other business owners.

We have found that the most successful Directors are those that excel in these areas and run their chapters like real businesses (which they are!).

The following application is designed to help us get to know you - and assess whether this opportunity (and all that comes along with it) is a good fit for you.

Please complete each question fully and thoughtfully. Once submitted, we will review your responses and get back to you by email or phone.
Email address *
Address (including province)
Phone Number
How old is/are your child/ren?
How did you learn about this opportunity with Mommy Connections?
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What territory are you interested in establishing?
Our model works best when our Directors are (active!) members of the communities they serve. Do you live in the territory you've proposed above? If so, how long have you been there? If not, do you live nearby?
Why do you believe that the location you've proposed is a good fit for Mommy Connections?
What kinds of services/programming are currently available for new moms or moms with young kids in this community ? Where do moms and babies hang out weekly? Have you taken part and what did you think?
Tell us a little bit about yourself - and why running your own business gets you excited:
How many hours per week do/will you have available to work on programs, planning, and events?
Though most of the 'work' involved in running a Mommy Connections chapter takes place during the day, evenings and weeknights are sometimes required. Do you envision any issues with this from a childcare (or other) perspective? If you wish, please share the childcare plans/arrangements you have (or will have) in place.
Since our program model involves bringing in community resources and experts to lead classes and activities, it's incredibly important that we operate only in areas where there are enough businesses to support this model. Please list the names of 10 mom & baby programs or local parenting experts that you know of and think would be a good fit for our program. If you can, please include the exact company name and website.
How comfortable are you using social media to grow your business?
Not at all
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Please share links to social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. ) where you post regularly and are active so we can see you in action!
Tell us a bit about your career journey to date - including any past positions you have held. Highlight any experience that you think will be relevant in this new role.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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