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The DRS Am Tour is a developmental series for up and coming drivers. It will also serve as a farm system to teams in the Pro Series, as well as drivers and teams looking to make it into the Dreamer Racing Series Pro Series.

The Am Tour will host a 8 Race schedule, with similar rules as the Pro Series. There will be equal emphasis on the drivers and team championships allowing single car teams to compete for a ride in the Pro Series.

This EXHIBITION SEASON WILL BE ONLY 6 RACES, it is advised if you are wanting to participate in the DRS Pro Series to run this short season. Teams will be looking for new, up and coming drivers.

This short 6 race season will be limited to the first 43 entries.

Please make sure you Join the League:


Key Rules for those that wish to practice:

Fixed Setup
60% Fuel
Oval IRating Cap: (2500 at sign up)
Pro Series Drivers are limited to (2) Races, and are ineligible for winnings and points

Please Email admin@dreamerracingseries.com with any questions
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