Barnsley East Brexit Survey
Brexit is the most important decision our country has made in modern times and its effects will be felt across our country for many decades to come.

The country voted to leave and I have been very clear that this debate is not about whether we leave but how. So whichever way you voted I want to hear your views.

Please note, this is for people who live in the Barnsley East constituency. One response per person.

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Brexit Votes
How did you vote in the 2016 EU Referendum?
If there was to be an EU Referendum tomorrow, how would you vote?
Do you support or oppose Theresa May's Brexit plan?
Would you support or oppose a 'No Deal' Brexit?
Do you support or oppose the Labour Party's plan for Brexit, which includes staying in a customs union, full access to the Single Market, protecting workers' rights and environmental standards?
Do you support or oppose the idea of having a 'People's Vote' on the final Brexit deal, which includes the option to remain in the EU?
Brexit Impact
What do you think will happen to our standard of living after Brexit?
What do you think will happen to the NHS after Brexit?
What do you think will happen to the UK economy after Brexit?
What do you believe will happen to our children's prospects after Brexit?
To ensure I represent views from across the political spectrum, please answer the following:
How did you vote in the 2017 General Election?
If there was a General Election tomorrow, which party would you vote for?
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