Preschool 4-Year-Old General Education Bussing Request Form 2023-24
Please note- if your child has an IEP please contact Michelle Jarrett or your child's teacher to set up bussing!  A caregiver is required to wait with the child until the bus arrives and available to get the child off of the bus at the end of the day.  Exact pick-up and drop-off times will be shared close to the start of the school year but anticipated pick-up time is between 7:30 and 7:50 am and anticipated drop-off time is 2:30 pm.  You MUST be able to pick your child up at the drop-off time.  Each child is also required to wear a harness and will be unable to ride without one.  Please read through the FAQ, linked at the bottom of this form, for more information on receiving a harness and other important transportation information.  

 If you are requesting bussing from or to the Muscatine Community Y for their before and after school care (transportation to/from M.E.L.C.), there is a one-time fee for the year, regardless of where you live.  No free or reduced fees are honored for this service.

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Preschool Bussing FAQ
*Once you have completed this form you must take your child to the Transportation Department located at 2714 N Isett for them to be fitted with a harness.  Your child will NOT be allowed to ride to or from school without their harness!

Please read the Preschool Bussing FAQ sheet for more information:

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