IPSC schedule survey
Internet Problem Solving Contest has competitors from the whole world. Please fill out this survey to help us with choosing the date and time for IPSC 2019 and beyond.

Feel free to answer even if you didn't compete before or if you can't compete in 2018.
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Should IPSC happen in summer (like it did in 1999-2017) or in autumn (like in 2018)?
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Given that IPSC will happen on a Saturday (specifically, start on a Saturday in UTC) and it will take 5 hours, what would be the perfect time for you? And what times would be completely unacceptable? (Please convert all times from your own timezone to UTC.)
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00:00-05:00 UTC
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09:00-14:00 UTC
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11:00-16:00 UTC
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13:00-18:00 UTC
14:00-19:00 UTC
15:00-20:00 UTC
16:00-21:00 UTC
17:00-22:00 UTC
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19:00-00:00 UTC
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