WSU Global Scope Research 2020
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We would like your assistance by completing a short survey as part of a study on business networking.
Due to the impact on Covid-19 on business networking gatherings, this survey will remain open until 30 November 2020. It is part of a major study into business networking experiences, expectations and resources across Greater Western Sydney that will help shape the future development and access to this important business networking tool.

Unaware of business networking or never attended a meeting? We need to know that too! You have an important contribution to make.

The survey has been compiled by students from Western Sydney University conducting research on business networking on behalf of project sponsor Local Area Marketing.

It is a generic survey encompassing all styles of groups and does not require identifying information.

This multi-faceted project will create a resource for SME owners in Greater Western Sydney that explains business networking, various group styles, locations, costs and frequency. It will also examine the experiences and expectations of networkers along with social and economic impacts.

The project aims to capture the whole networking experience and create an important resource for business owners. For networking groups, it will offer an insight into the expectations of business owners like yourself and provide the opportunity for groups to review their own models.

If you have already been been interviewed during a recent business networking meeting, there's no need to complete the survey.

The questions do not identify individual business networking groups. Instead they aim to get your attitude and understanding of business networking generally, your expectations, experiences and preferences.

We also ask you to indicate if you would be willing to be interviewed in the future for a case study into your business networking experiences. The purpose is to gain first-hand individual insights – whether they are good, not so good or negative.

Please complete the survey as soon as you can and no later than 30 November 2020.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Joe Kowalewski
Chief Marketing Officer
Local Area Marketing

Access the survey online:
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What is the nature of your business?
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How many people do you employ?
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Where do you operate your business?
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IF other, please specify?
Have you attended any business networking sessions?
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Do you understand the concept of business networking?
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What are your expectations of business networking events?
Are your expectations currently being met?
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If not, why?
What do you believe are the ideal characteristics of a networking group?
What do you think is the ideal meeting size?
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What do you think is the best time of the day for a meeting?
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What do you believe is the best regular scheduling for a meeting? (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.)
What is the best venue style in your opinion? (boardroom, classroom, café etc.)
What is your preferred group gender?
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What is your preferred membership investment?
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If ‘other’, please include what other membership investment is preferred.
What is your preferred fee range per session?
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What is your preferred fee range for an annual membership fee?
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Are you willing to participate in a case study follow up in the future? If you are, please leave your Name and Preferred Contact details (Phone number/ Email).
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