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Show environmental leadership and join our movement for evidence-based conservation by becoming an Evidence Champion.

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What are Evidence Champions?
Evidence Champions are organisations that have made a commitment to collaborate with us to integrate Conservation Evidence into their decision making.

How can your organisation become an Evidence Champion?
Commitment to evidence-based conservation can come in many forms, we welcome discussions with your organisation but here are some suggestions:
• Agree to write the use of Conservation Evidence into decision making systems when undertaking conservation interventions
• Agree to experimentally test and publish interventions
• Ask grantees to check Conservation Evidence in their grant proposal

Why become an Evidence Champion?
• Being an Evidence Champion shows that you are serious about evidence-based decisions
• Improved transparency in decision making
• Testing and publishing interventions shows leadership
• Your logo and description will appear on our Evidence Champions page
• We will link to your website
• We will promote your organisation through our various networks

What can we offer?
• We can provide training in skills for assessing, gathering, using, generating evidence and more
• We can where possible give talks and in-house training
• We can provide evidence assessment support
• You can use the Conservation Evidence and University of Cambridge logos on your website
• We will promote our Evidence Champions across our various networks

Current Evidence Champions include:
• Vincent Wildlife Trust -
• Froglife -
• People’s Trust for Endangered Species -
• Oryx -

*Due to high demand we can guarantee that we will get back to you within the next year (or sooner).

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