I do NOT want SPU Crypto SPU
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I do NOT want SPURT Crypto (SPU) for any of my SPURT. I do NOT need to provide an explanation
All SPURT will be placed in MSP and SPUD (SPURT Digital Currency). No fee required.
I want only the below amount of my SPURT to be connected to SPURT Crypto (SPU).
The maximum amount you can buy SPURTCrypto for, is per person individual, unless your balance is below 25 M. Then ALL SPURT can be used to buy SPURTCrypto (SPU). Here you can choose if you want only a part to be moved to Crypto. This is Option 3.
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Because your request to differ from most clients, you need to pay a fee, so that we can handle your request to be excluded, or partially activated.
I am willing to transfer for 10 Euro in Ether to account address 0x3d50e075af09dae2d62dad9b26d6253b10f880dc for I realize that this is extra work for Admin.
I want to buy SPURTCrypto for the total amount in my account.
Option 2. This is automatically the choice for all accounts below 25M UNLESS you announce before October 1,2019 that you want to have another choice. All accounts ABOVE 25M can request for what amount in SPURT we are willing to sell SPURTCrypto.Your account will be closed.
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