Geospatial Data Protection and Security 2017+ survey

Geospatial data - data with an explicit geographic location in the physical world - forms the foundation for manifold use cases in digital systems (virtual worlds) for navigation, orientation, monitoring, land administration, safety & security, geospatial research etc. Therefore, it is very important to share this information across domains in the best possible manner by considering geospatial digital data protection, security and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Geospatial data security, protection, integrity (veracity), tracing and DRM refer to a broad category of access control technologies aimed at restricting the use and proliferation of geospatial digital content on a wide range of devices – both online and offline.

With this ~15 minutes survey we want to examine the status quo in geospatial data provision for both geospatial vector and coverage data, and its use with regard to enhanced cross-domain integration. Subsequently, we want to identify the most common potential pitfalls for applying watermarking, encryption and DRM technologies to geospatial content and the potentials to build enhanced solutions for geospatial data sharing by integrating enhanced data protection and security needs.

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Manfred Mittlboeck & Bernhard Vockner

The questionnaire has been created as part of a project funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency and Denuvo GmbH. by the Studio iSPACE - Research Studio Austria Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. ( and the
Department of Geoinformatics Z_GIS, University of Salzburg (
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