Math Improvement Class Sept 2020 to Jan 2021 Grades 7-11 and Grade 12 Advanced Functions
- Online by using Zoom and WhatsApp as platforms
- Fee: $12 per 30 minutes one-on-one tutoring class. Tuition is payable in advance at the beginning of the month by e-transfer to
- Additional Fee for Grade 11 & 12 Advanced Functions: Access to EDUinfuture self-directed curriculum : $120 per year and $60 per year onwards (Pay directly at the website by using coupon provided).
- There may be a short Bible sharing in the class
- Limit 20 registrations. Contact Angela Wong at: Email:; Tel No. 905-508-8354
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I voluntarily agree for my child to attend the Math Improvement Class described above. I agree that photographs, videos and sound recordings of my child may be taken during the classes and used by Richmond Hill (Chinese) Baptist Church for promotion or other purposes.
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