TidalCycles Meetup #1
Meet fellow TidalCycles users, catch a few short talks, and share your work in the group show-and-tell.

To encourage participation across time zones, two sessions are scheduled.
Session A: 6-8 PM Feb 27th UTC (18:00)
Session B: 6-8 AM Feb 28th UTC (06:00)
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Show-and-tell: Have a project or page that you want to spend a minute or two sharing with the group? If so add your URL here. Optional but highly encouraged! Github, Instagram, Soundcloud, bandcamp, etc
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Would you be interested in being a speaker for one of the TidalCycles meetups? If so, add a brief description of what you'd talk about/demo. You can provide URLs here too.
Your answers to most of the above questions will go into the public spreadsheet for the meetup to facilitate the event. Please list anything you mentioned that you'd like to keep private. Your privacy will be respected.
Thanks! And feel free to let us know if you have any other comments or feedback:
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