Grab your free workshop entry!

Ello ProductCampers :) Together with our awesome workshop trainers: Eric Reiss, Andy Budd and Steve Baty, we have cooked up some amazing contests to help you win free tickets, one to each workshop.

Choose one contest you want to participate in, think of a best answer, lean over your keyboard and type away. Awaiting your submissions until April 30 :)

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Eric’s Contest - “Service Design”
Describe the best service experience you’ve had, online or offline.
Eric announcing his contest for ProductCamp 2015
Andy’s Contest - “Creative Workshop Facilitation”
Give your top tricks, tips and techniques for running the most fun and productive workshop imaginable.
Andy announcing his contest for ProductCamp 2015
Steve’s Contest - “Design Led Innovation”
Describe something that you’ve seen in the last few of months where people came up with a new and innovative way of thinking about something that is common. Examples can include both physical or digital products as well as services.
Steve announcing his contest for ProductCamp 2015
Rules & How we are going to select winners:

>> To take part in the contest you need to have a google account email.

>> Only English language submissions will get reviewed.

>> You can participate in a single contest only. Select the one where you think you’ll offer a stronger submission / have a greatest chance for scoring the freebee ;)

>> Deadline for submissions - April 30 - 4pm.

>> Your entries will be first reviewed by us - your devoted ProductCamp organizers. For each workshop we’ll select 5 best responses and present these shortlists individually to Steve, Andy and Eric. Each of them will select their own winner.

>> Announcing winners via facebook page and emails - no later than May 8.

>> In case you purchase your workshop ticket prior to the contest announcement day and it turns out you won a free ticket, we’ll refund the cost of your purchased ticket.

>> Winner selection criteria might include such factors like: general quality, impact on society and business, originality, relevancy, supporting materials, last but not least - succinctness of submission.

>> By taking part in this contest you acknowledge and agree for processing of your personal information by the organizers of ProductCamp.


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