SrPF & JPF Survey Fall 2020
Quick questions to help us plan, according to where you are on your journey! Youth, Parents & Advisors--Your input is important.

We are committed to continuing our connections in the JPF and SrPF communities.

This year we are focusing on supporting each other. For at least the fall:

1. We will be moving to a small group/cohort model (similar to local schools, but different).

2. Mentoring Ministry--where caring adults & youth in the congregation encourage/support our youth through cards and reminders that someone cares.

3. Each month, our schedule* will include an online meeting for the entire group; as well as meetings for small groups/cohorts within the larger group of about 5-6 youth; and a Service/Fun opportunity with a range of ways to participate.

For more info: Rev. Ashley at 203-430-0036 or
Kelsey DeCarlo at 207-890-3795 or

*Please note that while we hope to accommodate small groups/cohorts & scheduled opportunities that are able to meet in a physically distanced manner in person, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to. We will be adhering to local and state guidelines as well as Church guidance.
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Which Youth Group -- If you have more than one youth in our ministries, please submit another form for each. *
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What do you believe school will look like for you this fall? *
Small Group: I want to be in a small group that meets. This will be organized in groups of 5-6 with adults to support the group. We intend for this to be supportive and uplifting. If you would feel more comfortable being in a small group with a buddy, please enter their name in next question - we will do our best to make that happen but can make no guarantees *
Name of "buddy" whom I would like in my small group.
Mentoring -- Sometimes we just need to know that someone beyond our immediate family cares for us. While it is currently difficult to make connections, this is a mechanism for supporting our youth. Mentors will get a packet including instructions on ways to share encouragement; cards to send out to their designated youth in the fall; a "This Is Me" page to send; and something interesting about their mentee. A little encouragement goes a long way. Youth will receive the "This Is Me" page as introduction. No strings attached. Youth and Adults can be mentors. *
Service & Fun--If it is possible and planned, I would support:
What I need *
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