World War II
Directions: Look at the photograph below and be able to answer the following questions.
The photo below is a poster of a woman working the Second World War. This poster depicts a woman that is working in an airplane factory in a job she wouldn't have held before the war started. This poster is also encouraging women to get jobs because it will help the country win the war and bring the men home.
Female Workers in World War II
According to the poster, who will win the war if there are more women at work?
Why do you think it was so important for women to be working during the war?
Your answer
Instructional Goals
1. This is more of a checking for understanding question to make sure students know the difference between the Allied and Axis powers, as well as to see if they know who actually won the war. The correct answer here would be C, The Allied Powers. It wouldn’t be A or B because the Axis Powers and Japan, Germany, and Italy are all the same thing.

2. This question is more of a critical thinking question about why you think they made such a big deal about women going to work outside of the home. What I want my students to understand from this question is that during this time, women were traditionally only allowed to work in the home. Because so many men went off to war, there was no one do the jobs they were doing before leaving to go fight. Then more women started filling in for the men while they were away.
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