Zenkaikon 2020 Masquerade Judge Application
Hello! Welcome to the Judging Application for Zenkaikon's Masquerade.

Below are a number of questions for you to answer. Please fill out the following form to the best of your abilities. Please be honest and concise. We are looking for an all around group of judges (seasoned and first-timer) to judge the Masquerade participants on craftsmanship and performance. Please do not be intimidated by the form, as we just want to get to know you as a costumer the best we can.

*Judges will be given a comped badge for the convention.
*You are expected to be on time for all duties, take the event seriously, and unbias.
*Craftsmanship judging will take place prior to the Masquerade on Saturday 1pm-3pm at the Montgomery House (Cosplay HQ).
*You are expected to judge Craftsmanship and Performance.
*There is a possibility of a Feedback session on Sunday. We will keep you posted.

The form will be live until December 27th, 11:59:59PM.
Confirmed Judges, Standby Judges, and declines will be contacted by January 15th, 2020.
If you are a Standby Judge, you will be contacted as late as a week prior, if your services are needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Lizzy at elizabeth.ament@zenkaikon.org

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Have you judged before? What area (craftsmanship/performance) and what convention? *
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Have you ever participated in a Masquerade and/or Hall Costume Contest? *
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What awards have you won? Please list category and convention. You may include Hall awards as well. *
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Do you have any links to your costuming and/or performances? Please link below *
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Have you taken any types of hobby classes, college courses, or earned any degrees in the Arts? *
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Do you have a skill you feel the most confident in? Elaborate *
Wigs, prop work, pattern making and so on.
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Why should you be considered as a judge? *
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Here is where you can place anything you would like to add. Please do not ask questions here. Email us.
Please, no marriage proposals to the coordinator. :)
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