Registration to proctor for Bay Area Math Olympiad 2020
This form is for teachers, staff, or administrators who would like to proctor for BAMO 2020.

(If you are a student who wishes to take the BAMO exam, you do not need to fill out this form. You should express your interest to a teacher who will serve as a BAMO proctor at your school or at a nearby BAMO proctoring location. A list of locations where BAMO will be proctored will be available on our website

BAMO Exam Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020. (Note that the exam is on a Wednesday this year.)

The BAMO-8 and BAMO-12 exams can only be proctored at schools or other educational institutions such as math circles. Please note that homeschooled students cannot take this exam at home.

In the fields below, please provide information about yourself and the location where you will be proctoring.
Later, we will email you a link to a Google sheet where you can enter the names of the students for whom you will be proctoring.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at General information about the BAMO-8 and BAMO-12 exams can be found at
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What is the total number of students from your school that you expect to participate in the BAMO exam? (Exams will be sent electronically.) If you don't know the exact number, feel free to overestimate a bit. *
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How many of these students will be taking BAMO-8? *
BAMO-8 is for students up through 8th grade.
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How many of these students will be taking BAMO-12? *
Any student may take BAMO-12, but students in grade 9 or higher are required to use this exam.
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Would you be able to accommodate a few additional students who do not go to your school/math circle but are interested in taking BAMO?
Occasionally we have requests from students who would like to take BAMO but whose school doesn't offer it, and we try to find a nearby location for these students to take the exam.
Would you have access to a scanner that you could use to scan in student solutions in batches?
We are considering allowing proctors submit student solutions electronically instead of by mail, in the future.
Would you be interested in participating in a pilot this year in which you scan in solutions digitally AND send them by mail? (This means you would send us both digital and physical copies of the exam solutions.)
This will help us evaluate the feasibility of having proctors submit solutions electronically in future years.
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