2019 FALL Career Exploration Program Application
Thank you for your interest in YCAL's Career Exploration Programs. These programs are offered to you free of charge through a Partnership between your School District, YCAL, and the Program Sponsors that Host the programs.

Please know that in applying, YOU ARE COMMITTING TO ATTENDING these programs. If your schedule or any other circumstance changes, it is YOUR responsibility to notify YCAL (info@ycal.us) or your school's counselor to be removed from the list of attendees. Since some programs meet their maximum capacity, so please be considerate of your fellow students who may wish to attend.

Please fill out the following information to the best of your abilities, and we will look forward to reviewing your application. You will receive an acceptance letter via email or your High School Guidance/Career Counselor prior to the event to confirm details.

Once completed, you should see your High School's Guidance/Career Counselor as soon as possible so they are aware you have applied. You will also need to obtain a Parental Consent Form from them, to be returned to their office prior to the event. Please note that you will be unable to participate if this form is not received.

Please be aware this application only lists our events that are considered part of the FALL Semester (October-December). For a full listing of our scheduled programs for Fall and Spring to help you plan for the next year, where applicable, please visit:
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A text message reminder will be sent prior to the event to help remind you of any details you should know including start date and time, changes to the schedule, or a cancellation or delay in the event of weather or other emergency. You may leave this blank or choose the opt-out option below at the bottom. These text reminders are here to help you and to ensure a successful program experience for all involved.
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Most programs are open to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Please make sure you have referenced this document to make sure you are eligible to participate in this program: https://bitly.com/
Student Demographic Information
Certain agencies and organizations provide funding to YCAL to help programs like this one remain free to students.
They will occasionally ask for demographic information about the full group of students benefiting from these programs. Please answer the following questions:
Please provide your DATE OF BIRTH *
Please select the GENDER that best describes you *
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Program Information
Please select the Program(s) that you are COMMITTING to attending. It is important to note that some programs will meet multiple times during the school year at a recurring day and time outside of regular school hours. Others programs will meet 1 time and are considered "Day Programs" (typically occurring during the school day) You are encouraged to choose more than one program if you have more than one career interest!
For more information on each program, please visit:

PLEASE NOTE THAT SEATING IS LIMITED and many programs will reach their maximum capacity. When this occurs, application priority will be given to 12th grade students, then 11th grade students, etc. After that, students will be accepted based on order of application received. Confirmation of an application being received does not indicate acceptance into the program. Students will be notified two weeks prior to the start of the program if they have been accepted.
Please select the Career Exploration Program SERIES that you are applying for below
You may select multiple programs, as it is very common for students to want to explore various career paths. PLEASE NOTE: Series programs meet more than once, and by signing up, you are committing to attend ALL sessions.
Please select the Career Exploration DAY Program that you are applying for below
You may select multiple programs, as it is very common for students to want to explore various career paths. PLEASE NOTE: Because these programs take place during the school day, it is the individual student's responsibility to obtain permission from the school administration and transportation to attend these sessions.
Not Seeing the Program you Want?
We offer programs in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Fall Programs are made available for application in August and Spring programs will be posted and available for application on November 29, 2019. As program application deadlines (1 week prior to the event) pass, programs are removed from the application. To reference the scheduled start date for ALL programs we are planning to offer this year, please visit: https://bit.ly/2Px80vg
Please tell us how you learned about the YCAL Career Exploration Programs *
Select the best option from the list below (you may select multiple responses if applicable)
Emergency Contact Information
Please enter information for AT LEAST ONE (1) adult (preferably a parent/guardian) that can serve as an emergency contact.
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Medical Information
Please provide the following information in order for us to be prepared for any potential medical, dietary, or other special accommodations you may require to complete this program.
Do you have any medical conditions that may require attention throughout the course of this program (e.g. Asthma, Food Allergies, Other Allergies, Hearing or Vision Impairment, etc) *
If Yes, please select "Other" below and describe the condition and any information we should be aware of.
Do you require medication that may need to be taken or administered throughout the course of this program (e.g. Inhaler, Insulin injection, EpiPen) *
If Yes, please select "Other" below and describe the medication that you may require.
Do you have any dietary restrictions for medical, religious, or other purposes?
If No, leave blank. If Yes, please describe the dietary restriction (Occasionally program sponsors will provide a snack or lunch and it is very useful to know this information)
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In 3-5 sentences, please tell us what you are hoping to accomplish by attending this program (or programs if you have signed up for more than 1). Please feel free to discuss any hope or expectations you may have so we can share them with the program host(s). *
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