Black History Month Program Suggestions
February is Black History Month in the United States. Please use this form to let us know if you have suggestions for the events OMACR has already planned or if you have additional ideas or contributions.
What types of programs and events would you like to see during Black History Month?
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What types of programs and events would you like to see at Columbia College to celebrate Black culture all year long?
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On Monday, February 4, we will offer a Kick-Off event with OSA highlighting Jabali Afrika as our Multicultural Music Monday. What would increase your chances of attending?
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We will host a two DiversiTea Dialogues within the month of February. What topics do you feel are important to discuss at these events in regards to Black History Month?
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Would you like to assist with planning Black History Month events?
Name and Email Address
Please share your name and email address so we can follow up with you about your suggestions. Event planning meeting requests will only be sent to those who answer yes to the question above and who provide their contact information below.
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Thank you for completing our Black History Month Programming Survey!
We hope you will attend the planned events and will contribute to our celebration of Black history and culture all year long.


The Office of Multicultural Affairs & Community Resources

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