Dancers Who Lift: Getting to Know You

It is really important that the coaches here at DWL, know as much information about you as possible to be able to coach you to reach the goals that you are going to share with me below. Take some time to answer the questions below:
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Problem area: if you could wave a magic wand and "fix" one area, what would it be and how?
Please give me an overview of what you would really like to achieve? How can I really help you? *
Have you ever followed a coaching program before? If yes, with whom? For how long? *
Do you have a gym membership? If no, are you willing to get one? *
What does a workout look like for you, presently?
Any injuries or physical restrictions? *
Describe your relationship with food: Allergies, food restrictions, ED's, etc. *
Any dietary restrictions? (Vegetarian, vegan, GF, etc.)
What does a "normal" day of eating look like for you?
Are you currently taking any supplements or medication?
What type of dancer/athlete do you consider yourself? *
Are you #BookedAndBlessed ?
What is your dream dance job? Where do you see your dance career in 5 years?
How is your mood? (1 being very good 5 being very poor) * *
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How is your sleep (1 being very good 5 being very poor) * *
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How is your energy (1 being very good 5 being very poor) * *
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Do you drink alcohol? If so how often and what is your go to alcoholic drink? *
Do you have any current or past medical conditions that I should be made aware of? These could be related to physical or mental health. *
Do you currently track your step count each day if so how many steps are you completing daily on average?
What kind of program are you looking for? If accepted, what exactly do you expect out of the this experience? *
Do you have a "survival job"? If yes, what?
Which coach are you most interested in working with?
Which best describes you... DWL coaches only work with people who are serious about taking their results to the next level. *
Working with Dancers Who Lift is not FREE nor the cheapest. A financial investment is required. *
What is your monthly budget to be able to invest into this level of support? *
Are you the final decision maker in regards to paying for your program? *
If accepted, how soon are you looking to get started? If you aren't ready please just wait and schedule when you are ready..
How did you hear about us? *
Your 3 strongest qualities? Ex. Creativity, kindness, problem solving, ability to eat an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting, etc.
What are you watching or reading right now? *
Anything else we need to know or take into consideration before determining your eligibility for the program?
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