JBF On Demand
Sometimes you need cash. Sometimes you need the space. We get it! Now you can sell ANYTIME with JBF On Demand!
If you are thinking of selling your items at a garage sale this summer or if you looking for a no hassle way to sell your items then JBF On Demand is for you. PLEASE NOTE: Because we have to tag, store, transport and put out your items at our event we will only be offering you garage sale prices for your items.
Three easy steps...
STEP 1: Read & Complete this agreement
STEP 2: Our buyer comes to your to browse and purchase items
STEP 3: You get paid on the spot! Cash paid at the time of purchase

* Items must meet safety and quality inspection guidelines. Items are purchased at the sole discretion of the buyer.
What we DO and DON'T buy:
How it works:
We will set up an appointment to come to your home and take a look at what you have to sell.

It is most helpful if you can have everything organized by size/gender for clothes and in outfits when appropriate. Please have all items clean, freshly laundered and in pristine condition.

If you want to sell any large items like furniture, outdoor toys or baby equipment we ask that you send us pictures of the items in advance.

We will take a look through everything and let you know what we would wish to purchase and will offer you a price for those items. If you agree, then we pay you right there and take the stuff out with us that day.

Please note that the prices we will be paying will not be comparable to what you would make if you chose to consign at one of our sales, they are comparable to garage sale pricing.
Do you want to set up an appointment for JBF On Demand to come buy? *
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