HMC Europe 2020 Financial Aid Application: Faculty Advisor Recommendation
This is the supplement to delegates' Financial Aid applications for HMC Europe 2020. Faculty Advisors should fill out the following questions and submit this form on their student's behalf to explain the student's financial circumstances and academic background that would qualify them for this award. This supplement should be submitted by the deadline corresponding to the school's registration period. The following deadlines apply:

Early Registration: October 18, 2019
General Registration I: November 29, 2019
General Registration II: December 20, 2019
School *
Name of the Faculty Advisor submitting this supplement: *
Faculty Advisor e-mail address: *
Name of Financial Aid Applicant *
Relationship to Student: *
What is the fee level at your school? *
Please enter "0" if your school does not charge an annual fee / tuition.
Is this student on scholarship or financial aid at your school? *
If yes, on what grounds was the scholarship or financial aid awarded?
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Has this student travelled to previous conferences away/abroad with the school? *
If so, does the student usually self-fund these trips? *
What do you perceive as this student's level of financial need? *
i.e., the potential reasons why the conference cost would be prohibitive or difficult for the student
Faculty Letter *
Students applying for Harvard Model Congress Europe 2020 Financial Aid must have one Faculty Advisor submit a letter of recommendation on their behalf. In the space below, please include: 1. Why you think this student is deserving of this aid? 2. An explanation of this student's academic record, relevant qualifications, and personal qualities.
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