Open Letter To The Labour NEC, We Have No Confidence In Tom Watson As Deputy Leader Of The Labour Party
We are Labour Party members who support the direction of travel for the Party.

We are greatly disappointed with the continuing conduct of Deputy Leader, Tom Watson who has repeatedly shown himself to be actively working against the current Leadership, the membership and the Party during his tenure.

From his derisory comments to the press regarding the party membership, to him mass blocking large segments on social media when he was elected to represent us.

From him briefing in the media against Party staff and Party policy, to showing an egregious misreading of the mood of Labour members and voters.

From his distracting and counter-productive little vanity projects that do not go anywhere, to his unmitigated inability to have done a single tangible thing that has benefited Labour members or voters in his nearly 4 year tenure.

We believe Tom Watson to be shockingly unfit to be Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

We therefore demand that the NEC make representation to Tom Watson to resign as Deputy Leader. If he feels he still has the support of the membership (which he doesn't) then he should at the very least refresh his mandate.

The undersigned.
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