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Applicant Release- I, have read all the rules and regulations that govern the Ogden High Cheerleading and Stunt Team. As a representative of my school, I understand and agree to abide by them if selected as a cheerleader or rally man for the 2018-2019 school year. (Please write full name) *
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Parent Release- I, the undersigned, have read and full understand the rules and regulations which will govern my son/daughter if he/she is chosen to represent Ogden High School as a cheerleader. I further understand that this is an extracurricular activity and that attendance at all practice, games, special functions, and summer camp is a requirement of the elected cheerleader. I understand that is the cheerleader’s responsibility to get themselves to and from all practices.I hereby give consent to my son/daughter, to tryout for cheerleader at Ogden High School and recognize his/her responsibilities and requirements as a leader of his/her school. I understand that, if chosen, my son/daughter will be required to pay the REQUIRED $700 cheer fees. Further, I understand that, school and/or personal insurance must cover my son/daughter. I give permission for my child to receive medical attention in the event that I cannot be present or reached for any reason. (Please write full name and phone number) *
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