Harpur's Ferry Spring 2019 Membership Application
Thank you for applying to become a member of Harpur's Ferry SVAS. Please fill out the application below prior to the Spring GIM. The GIM will be held on Thursday, January 31st at 9PM in the Mandela Room in the Old University Union.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application or the GIM date, please email Seth at personnel@harpursferry.org
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What is your anticipated graduation date? *
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Harpur's Ferry requires a valid US Driver's License or EMT certification. Please provide the state of your license as well as the license number. *
How many times have you applied to Harpur's Ferry? *
Do you have any EMS experience? *
Are you EMT certified? *
Please list any certifications you currently hold below and include why you chose to get the certification. *
Do you have any experience in healthcare that is unrelated to EMS? *
Please list any additional work or volunteer experiences below. *
How do you go about achieving goals? *
How do you manage your time? *
How do you handle stress? *
Which "leadership qualities" are your strongest? Which are your weakest? *
Why did you chose to apply to Harpur's Ferry? *
What do you hope to gain from joining Harpur's Ferry? *
Listed below are roles within Harpur's Ferry. You may be asked about these roles during your interview.
Driver: A Harpur's Ferry Driver responds to the scene with one of Harpurs Ferry's vehicles. Driver's are trained to drive both the Ambulance and Flycars. A driver is in charge of all radio communications with dispatch. Does this position interest you? If so, why? *
Crew Chief: A Harpur's Ferry Crew Chief is in charge of all aspects of patient care. A Crew Chief is in charge of assessing patients as well as delegating responsibilities to other crew members. Crew Chiefs report the status of the incoming patient to the hospital via radio. Does this position interest you? If so, why? *
Trainee: A trainee is a certified EMT who assists in patient care. Trainees help the Crew Chief assess the patient. Does this position interest you? If so, why? *
Preceptor: A preceptor is a Driver or Crew Chief with significant experience. Preceptors train other members to become Drivers or Crew Chiefs. Does this position interest you? If so, why? *
Staff Officer: Each staff officer plays an administrative role within the agency. Staff Officers are voted in through a vote by the General Membership. If this interests you, please go to harpursferry.org to find out more about the roles of each staff officer. Do any of the staff positions interest you? If so, why? *
Harpur's Ferry's GIM is Thursday, January 31th at 9 PM in the Mandela Room and it is mandatory for applicants to attend. If you are unable to attend, please email Seth at personnel@harpursferry.org. Will you be attending? *
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