Lobbying for Zoos
Use the Association of Zoos and Aquariums website (www.aza.org) to answer the following series of questions regarding the role of a specific organization in the political process.
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1. Read through the Strategic Plan in the About Us section and explain what the purpose of the AZA is.Theorize why it is necessary for the AZA to work along with the government (and foreign governments)to accomplish its goals
a. Purpose of the AZA: *
b. Necessity of working with Governments: *
2. Navigate through the AZA Services (Government Affairs section) to try to find all of the federal agenciesthat the AZA is associated with. List them below. For each one summarize why the AZA needs to workwith that agency.
Agency 1:
Agency 2:
Agency 3:
3. In the About Us section navigate to find the Government Affairs committee and summarize the role of the committee. *
4. Find some of the Conservation Legislation in the Government Affairs Section of AZA Services. Explain three pieces of Legislation that the AZA has helped lobby for. *
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