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Vanessa's mission is to help people stop being shitheads to themselves, so they can finally start treating themselves like someone they love.

Do you have a question about how to stop being shitty to yourself and start showing yourself some love?

Maybe you want to:

- Stop saying shitty things to yourself all the live long day

- Learn how to start letting shit go

- Handle shitty situations with grace and kick-assery

- Be less shitty to your body and do self-care shit

- Follow through with shit you want to do

- Get unstuck and move forward with shit

- Have difficult conversations about shitty things or with shitty people (or both…)

- Motivate yourself to do shit

- Get the shit you want out of life

- Plan future shit

- Find new friends or partners to do shit with

- Managing life shit

- Be more productive or organized with shit

- Do important shit even though you’re scared shitless

- Be more mindful about shit

- Not overthink shit and really feel shit

- Move on from shitty setbacks or failing at shit

… or any other shit you want a fresh perspective on!

* Questions will be answered anonymously, and your email address provided here is for Vanessa's eyes only, and will be used to send you a response to your question, with a few extra nuggets just for you ;), and to follow up with you to see how you're doing with that shit!*
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Thanks for your question! Here are the next steps:
If your question is selected, Vanessa will lightly edit and summarize it for easy reading... not saying you ramble on, but most humans do so.... yeah ;)

You'll be emailed with the full version of the response (what will be posted online will be a bit shorter and sweeter, but you'll get some bonus stuff as a reward for putting yourself out there!)

You'll go forth and prosper with new ways to think about this shit, how to approach making this change, and some concrete steps that will help you actually get shit done. AND you can bask in the glow of knowing that in sharing something you've also helped other people who were probably thinking about or going through the same shit #community!

Vanessa will email you to follow up and see how you're doing a couple weeks after you receive your reply
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