Central NH PDGA Flex "All-in" Option
The CNH PDGA flex league will be using Disc Golf Scene for week-to-week league player registration as it is by far the cleanest / easiest option. The downside is that the transaction fees are significant: $1.34 for DGS plus 2.9% for PayPal, approximately $1.58 total on top of $7 weekly buy-in ($85.80 if you play all 10 weeks).

For players who want to subscribe to all (or most) of the league days I'm offering an "all-in" option that will allow players to sign up ONCE to cover all 10 weeks and pay directly via PayPal (F&F) WITH NO TRANSACTION FEES. Players who choose this option will still save money if they miss 1 league week and basically break even if they miss 2 (8 weeks via DGS is $68.64 whereas 'all-in' direct paypal is $70).
If you choose this option I will pre-reg you on your chosen day each league week (email me that week if you need to swap).
Entry fees are non-refundable. If you DO miss a league week your entry $ will essentially be 'added cash' for the payout that week. (Personally I consider this preferable to paying extra $ to DGS).
Please Paypal $70 to jmbailey00@gmail.com before continuing: paypal.me/jmbailey00/70 *
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