Room Party Request Form
We are excited you are interested in hosting a room party and we will be happy to have you.

PLEASE NOTE: Submit this form after you are certain you will have a room party. If you have questions, please email us before submitting.

We will move your hotel reservation to the "party area" of the hotel, if possible. You can not pick a specific room number. You're encouraged to make flyers that you can place around the convention (not taped to anything) with a blank space for you to fill in your room number.

* You can not sell anything out of your room (except registrations to other events)

* Always have ONE sober/responsible host present at all times when your party is "Open"

* No fog machines, dry ice, open flames, unapproved tape
* Do not break anything in your room or you are responsible for it
* If someone else breaks something in your room, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!!!
* Do not cover thermostats, smoke detectors, or fire sprinklers
* If serving alcohol, every single person must have their ID checked and they must be 21 or over (not just their badge)
* Minors may not Enter rooms that serve alcohol
* You must not allow anyone with alcohol to leave your room with it, it must stay there
* Do not provide alcohol to people who are visibly intoxicated - it's overserving, and illegal
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Example: "Join us at the Super Mario Party to play Mario Party until 5am!"
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