Fire in Paradise: Support the Declaration of World Scientists
Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest on the Declaration. You have seen on the news over the past weeks reports about the serious and extensive fires in both, the Amazon Rainforests and Pantanal, the world's largest tropical wetland. In particular, the extremely high number of fires this year, and the extensive levels of deforestation and inter alia, destruction of ecosystems, mean that the local fauna, flora and communities are under severe pressure. I feel that we, as world scientists, should not limit ourselves to watching the extensive destruction of these valuable paradise to biodiversity on the news, but that we should also express our concern, so as to motivate the Brazilian Government to act. Our voice as world scientists is also needed, in support and solidarity to our fellow scientists in Brazil, who work by themselves with little or no resources, to the many Brazilian non-governmental organisations, who are working in these regions, right now, trying to save the many animals victims of the fires, and help the communities affected by them.

A Declaration has been prepared and can be seen at:

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Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Walter Leal (PhD, DSc, DPhil, DEd, DL, FSB, FRGS, FLS)
Professor of Climate Change Management, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Professor of Environment and Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)
Editor, Encyclopedia of the UN SDGs
Editor, Climate Change Management Series
Editor, World Sustainability Series
Editor, Int Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management
Editor, Inf. Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
Editor, Discovery Sustainability
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