Caribbean Tourism Career Accelerator and Remote Career Internship - Haiti Edition (Call for Applicants) - ONLY OPEN TO HAITIAN CITIZENS!
Target Beneficiaries:  The Tourism Career Accelerator (Haiti Edition) is a multi week workforce reskilling training and internship program targeting young professionals ages 18-35 who are interested in a career in tourism. Eligibility are as follows:

Age requirement: 18-35
Education requirement: High School graduate (college degree is not required)
Citizenship: Haiti
Language requirement: English (Basic); Creole (Fluent); French (Basic)> 
***Program instruction will take place primarily in English with a mixture of creole speaking training sessions.
Experience: No prior work experience is required.

Benefits & Offerings: Free skills training, work experience internship with a top tourism company locally or abroad, stipend payment for remote work period, potential job placement post graduation, alumni community network for continuous annual training, programming, offerings and career opportunity.

***Please note that top candidates will have a remote internship to work with one of our partner companies in Tourism.
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