CS Minor Application Form
Last updated: 1 March 2016

(Note: if you have completed and/or are already enrolled in all the courses required for the minor, do not complete this form. Email minoradvisor@cs.virginia.edu instead.)

Complete this form to apply for the Computer Science Minor. The deadline is Friday, March 18, 2016 at 11:59 pm. You will be informed if you are accepted into the CS minor on or around April 1, 2016. (After that, applications will not be considered until the following March.)

Currently only SEAS students can declare the CS Minor. (Non-SEAS students should not complete this form.) But note: Any student (SEAS or otherwise) who completes the six CS courses required for the minor before they graduate *will* get a CS minor, even if they weren't able to declare earlier.

For complete information about the CS minor, see this page: http://www.cs.virginia.edu/acad/cs_minor.html
For information about the process of applying to do the CS minor, see this page: http://www.cs.virginia.edu/acad/declaring.html#minor

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For the following CS courses, give your grade if you have taken the course, or indicate if you're taking it now, or if you have not taken it yet. *
(If you repeated a class, list your highest grade.)
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CS1110, 1111, or 1112
If you have taken additional CS courses at UVa, list the course number and your highest final grade in that course. List any AP credit in CS you have earned here too.
(If you're taking a course now, give the course-number and write "in progress".)
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Please give a short statement (512 words or less) to explain why you are interested in the Minor in Computer Science. If you wish you can talk about what your career plans are and how the CS minor can help you achieve those goals. Feel free to elaborate on your past academic, research, work, etc experiences that generate your interest in CS.
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